Curtis Petersen attended the University of British Columbia and majored in Film Production and Commerce and Business Administration. Entering the film industry, he worked his way through all craft positions to freelance Producer and Director of Photography. He has worked on locations worldwide for the past twenty-five years. Mr. Petersen has shot in Canada, U.S.A., Caribbean, Mexico, South America, Africa, Japan, Indonesia, Asia including Philippines and Vietnam, Pakistan, the Middle East and Western Europe. His crafts have been utilized by all major film studios and television networks in North America and Europe.

Mr. Petersen has been producing award winning commercials, documentaries, television programs and feature films throughout his career. He formed Petersen Productions Inc. in 1978, and is sole owner and President. PPI Camera Corp., a full service film and video equipment rental facility with offices in Vancouver, Toronto, and Los Angeles followed in 1988.

Mr. Petersen is a member of the International Alliance of Theatrical and Stage Employees, Moving Camera Division, the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television, the Directors Guild of Canada as a senior member, the Canadian Society of Cinematographers and the British Columbia Motion Picture Association. In addition, he is an experienced sportsman with the following attributes: Professional Skier, Naui Certified Scuba Diver, Professional Horseman and Trainer as well as extensive mountaineering and whitewater credits. Mr. Petersen retains valid Canadian and EEC (Irish) passports and an American Green Card.

PPI Camera Corp. maintains an extensive stock of Arriflex cameras, Zeiss, Cooke and Angenieux lenses and accessories as well as sound, lighting and grip gear, dollies, cranes, remote heads and production vehicles. One of our specialties is 16mm and 35mm stunt and POV cameras with custom made crash housings, splash bags and helmet mounts. Our specially designed equipment and professional crew will enable you to get those difficult shots, whether in the air, under water, or strapped to a ski. The availability of this equipment at a reasonable rate is yet another advantage for using Mr. Petersen in your next production.